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Investing In Equine Properties
As a lifetime horse enthusiast, it’s no coincidence that native Houstonian, Kate Gibson, specializes in brokering equestrian farms and ranches for Republic Ranches, a strategic alliance partner of Fay Ranches. She boasts an impressive equine background, having managed, trained and competed in the industry for over...

Livestock Grazing: A Tool For Diversity
Diversity is a buzzword in the 21st century ranching industry. Diverse populations of plants and animals signal ecologically healthy rangelands, and diverse, profitable enterprises signal an economically healthy operation.

Private Acreage Wetlands: New Revenue Opportunities For Landowners
The presence of water is a crucial factor in determining the true worth of a potential property purchase, and wetlands are amongst the most valued water attributes. With a unique ability to directly augment surrounding ecosystems, wetlands are an integral feature of a healthy environment.

Don’t Kick The Cows Off: Recommendations For Ranch Buyers
When reviewing my insurance policies recently, I realized that we have owned our ranch near Twin Bridges, Montana for over a decade. Certainly that isn’t long enough to become an expert, but I have learned a few things I’d like to pass along to those considering a ranch purchase.

Investing In And Adding Value To Ranch Lands
The Western U.S. has a reputation for landscapes that are rich in rivers, mountains and open space. But the American West is losing large chunks of land, as landscapes are carved away to accommodate the urban sprawl and commercial development that affects many western cities.

Sportsman’s Corner: An Interview With Bird Hunter, James Esperti And His Dog, Hoss
Picture a bird hunter spending a day in the brush of the American West, and it won’t take you long to envision a four-legged companion bobbing alongside him, looking to flush some grouse. In fact, dogs are iconic hunting companions for sportsmen all over the U.S.

Selling Your Land: How to Prepare & What to Expect
There are generally two types of ranch owners: the multi-generational ranch owner who uses the ranch as their primary income source, and the modern ranch investor who uses the ranch to recreate and as a gathering place for friends and family. For both of these ranch owners, selling a ranch is almost always...

Selling Your Land: Taxes, Financial Planning & Family Matters
The first and most important step in selling your ranch is making sure your family’s tax and financial planning is current and competently prepared. This is particularly important for multi-generational ranch families. I say this because they are the most likely to neglect this stage.

Selling Your Land: Preparing Your Ranch for Show
As you contemplate selling your ranch, it is important to have an understanding of the process ahead of you, and to prepare your ranch to be as attractive as possible to potential buyers. This often involves cleaning up the junk. Ideally, this begins prior to putting the ranch on the market.

Selling Your Land: Deciding on a Brokerage & Choosing a Broker
Once you’ve assessed your property, you’re ready to decide on which brokerage company to work with. If you have a ranch (or a farm, timber tract or plantation), don’t list with a company that sells residential or commercial real estate. Instead, work with a company that only sells land.

Selling Your Land: Pricing, Offers & After the Sale
When it comes time to price your ranch, if you’ve chosen a good, trustworthy broker, and they’ve done their homework, listen to their recommendation on price. One of the oldest tricks in the book for getting a listing is intentionally providing the seller an inflated value. This is called “buying the listing.”



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