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The Law of Prior Appropriations: Why its History is Important when Investing in a Ranch
There are two main types of water right systems actively used in the United States today: the Riparian system and the Law of Prior Appropriations. Many eastern states utilize the Riparian water rights system, which states that an owner whose property abuts a waterway has an inherent right to use that water in...

Scotch Double: Enhance Your Property’s Recreational Hunting And Fishing Value
Utilizing Traditional And Progressive Methodology To Enhance Your Property’s Recreational Hunting And Fishing Value While Improving The Core Value Of Your Investment-grade “working” Southeastern Land Property.

Can You Benefit From The Placement Of A Conservation Easement?
It is always surprising to me how few people are familiar with conservation easements and the tax benefits provided. The enabling legislation was first enacted in the early 1980s, and while thousands of easements have been placed since that time, it is still a relatively unknown and/or misunderstood opportunity.

Bozeman Past: “12,000 Friendly Folks And A Couple Of Old Soreheads”
Fay Ranches sat down with Russell Westlake, the owner of Bridger Shadows Farm, a 735-acre property listed in three parcels with breathtaking views of Bozeman, Montana. Mr. Westlake is a lifelong member of the Bozeman community, and we spoke to him to gain some perspective on the history of the area...

Vineyards And Wineries Of Oregon
Oregon Wine Country, where the wild and scenic Pacific Northwest gives wine lovers plenty of reasons to venture north from California’s frequented wine country, with over 450+ tasting rooms to choose from. The pioneering spirit that paved the way to populating this vast and diverse region is the same spirit...

Keeping Property Exchanges Out Of The Crosshairs
Imagine a six point bull elk crashing through a thick stand of lodge-pole pine; a dove darting from a mesquite thicket; or attempting to cast into a riffle in the face of a mountain breeze. They’re all moving targets you may have faced at times, so you can understand the quandary of Realtors, tax advisors...



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