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Revival of Idaho’s Wine Country
Although Idaho’s wine production roots have been forgotten by most, they run historically deep. The recent recognition for the Snake River Valley’s prominence as an ideal area to grow wine grapes may seem new...

Ranching Lifestyle and Sustainability in Today’s Beef Industry
In the last couple of decades, cattle operators started looking beyond the norm of selling calves at weaning in the fall and began searching for opportunities for value–added profit in retained ownership of calves. Retained ownership can increase flexibility in marketing and add value not only to the calf...

Preparing a Farm or Ranch for Marketing and Sale
While most people know that a lot of work will go into preparing your house for sale in the residential real estate world, it is an often neglected aspect of preparing a ranch for sale. Homeowners will paint kitchens a different color, change countertops, and even refinish floors in anticipation of getting the best...

Plantations In The American South
Plantations evoke an intense sense of place. In the Lowcountry, it’s about the salty perfume in the air and the ebb and flow of the tide. The marsh grass swaying in the breeze, and oysters living in the mud, making racks to break the current, creating an ever-changing environment.

Creating Traditions for Generations to Come
Some of my fondest childhood memories from growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa are centered around being outdoors, primarily camping, fishing, and hunting. My friends and I spent hours down by the creek near my house, digging for worms and catching carp and bass.

What is a “Ranch”?
The term “ranch” has evolved over the years in the West as a whole, but it also has different meanings regionally. A ranch in Colorado is often a much different property than one in Eastern Oregon. The definition also changes the closer one gets to an urban area.

White-tailed Deer Management Thoughts and Opinions
If white-tailed deer are important to you as a landowner, read on as I share a few thoughts and opinions from my nearly forty years of deer management experience.

The Importance of Road Infrastructure
One particular aspect that is of utmost importance is a ranch’s road system. I like to think of a ranch’s road infrastructure as the nervous system of the ranch. Veins lead to different places throughout the body just as roads lead to different places on a ranch.

Tax Benefits of Purchasing Land in The Cowboy State
Whether you are in the land market for a working ranch, recreational ranch, second home or personal residence, there are certain criteria that must be considered before you make your decision. We have always heard the old saying location, location, location when it comes to purchasing real estate.



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